This Week in Web 3.0 #013

by Shun Kakinoki · Feb 01, 2022


📆 This Week in Web3 #013 📆 🤌 ETH rebranding 🤌 Opensea buys Dharma 🤌 ZkSync BitDAO $200mil investment 🤌 Syndicate DAO 🤌 Zora v3 🤌 Blockscan Chat 🤌 Phantom iOS mobile 🧵 Details 🧵

1/ ETH rebrands ETH 2.0 as Ethereum

2/ Opensea buys Dhama Labs Perhaps more mobile & TradFi integrations coming to opensea

3/ Matter Labs, the company behind ZkSync backs $200 mil for BitDAO to fund zk related efforts

4/ Syndicate DAO - Investment DAOs made easy Start of a new generation of social investing?

5/ Zora v3 - automated nft marketplace protocol

6/ Chat between wallets on Blockscan

7/ Phantom iOS mobile

✨ New web3 products and features announced this week ✨

AAVE v3 is live on testnet!

Build your own ens on @_buildspace

Parcel for mobile

Rainbow for android


Utopia public beta

📝 Also, some interesting reads I came across 📝

ARK big ideas for 2022

Web3 Playbook

NFT Royalties

NFT Transferability and privacy by vitalk

web3 is run by community

🧑‍💻 For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting 👩‍💻

ERC 4626

Constant rate issuance rates protocol

NFTs with commitment scheme

Good Ethereum contract template

Uniswap arbitrage analysis

StarkNet library in rust

ZKP Merkle proof airdrop contracts by a16z

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