This Week in Web3 #009

by Shun Kakinoki · Dec 26, 2021


📆 This Week in Web3 #009 📆 🤌 Web3 ownership controversy 🤌 SOS Airdrop 🤌 BAYC flips Punks 🤌 Kintsugi details 🤌 B2DAO getting hot 🤌 Layer 3s 🤌 Solscan $4mil raise 🧵 Details 🧵

1/ Jack starts a web3 controversy

2-1/ SOS Christmas airdrop

2-2/ Beware of the risks though ... DYOR

3/ BAYC flips Punks

4/ Kintsugi - eth2.0 testnet details

5/ B2DAO rising compound x openzepplin proposal is said to be worth more than $4mil we may see more businesses serving DAOs source:

6/ Starkware announces layer 3s

7/ Solscan $4mil raise

✨ New web3 products and features announced this week ✨

Argent x Zigzag

Layerswap to Zksync onramp

Metamask supports NFTs

Manifold studio

NFTs on Metamask coming soon

@xyz supports ens

📝 Also, some interesting reads I came across 📝

Crypto seed investments

Who owns web3?

Tech investment

web2 and web3 will co-exist

web3 is a “community computer”

web3 and MVC (minimum viable community)

web3 playbook

🧑‍💻 For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting 👩‍💻

Airdrop from twitter ens drops

Crypto Cameo

Mirror API (Unofficial)

Twitter clone on ethereum testnet

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