This Week in Web3 #004

by Shun Kakinoki Β· Nov 21, 2021


πŸ“† This Week in Web3 #004 πŸ“† 🀌 Constitution DAO 🀌 Polygon Miden 🀌 Paraswap airdrop 🀌 Binance ≀> Arbitrum integration 🀌 Rari ≀>Fei Merger Proposal 🀌 Paradigm $2.5b fund 🀌 Arena 🧡 Details 🧡

1/ Constitution DAO raised $45m Went live to bid on auction on Sotheby's this Thursday But it was outbid was none other than the Citadel CEO

2/ Polygon Miden announcement Polygon introduces a STARK-based EVM compatible rolllup. ZKs are coming through!!! It's something that was in the making since Polygon merges Hermez in $250m back in August.

3/ Paraswap exclusive airdrop Only 20,000 addresses out of 1.2 million were eligible. A sign of a new trend to block off fake addresses? -after-only-0-015-of-active-paraswap-wallets-receive-psp-tokens

4/ Arbitrum integration on Binance One of most important vehicles to onboard people to L2! Huge for ETH.

5/ Rari ≀>Fei Merger Proposal

Start of DAO to DAO or Cross-DAO interactions !?

6/ Paradigm debuts a $2.5 billion fund It's a monster fund next to a16z's $2.2 crypto fund III announced in July.

7/ Arena The infamous Staples Center will be renamed to arena Crypto main-stream adoption seems like it's inevitable now.

πŸ“ Also, some interesting reads I came across πŸ“

A great explainer on zksync & zkporter - why zk rollups will be a game changer for eth

How DAOs' treasuries are underutilized and how we can fix it

Great summary of DAOs (and tooling ecosystem)

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» A good starter of zkSnarks on Ethereum.

Set of contracts to expand ENS utility!

An ENS Subdomain DAO Smart Contract by @sismo_eth

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