This Week in Web 3 #011

by Shun Kakinoki · Jan 17, 2022


📆 This Week in Web3 #011 📆 🤌 Moxie’s first impressions of web3 🤌 Twitter x Web3 🤌 Snapshot X 🤌 Astar mainnet on polkadot 🤌 Terra x Osmosis 🤌 Near raises $150 million 🤌 DeFi Alliance raises $75 million 🧵 Details 🧵

1-1/ Moxie’s detailed but accurate, first impressions of web3

1-2/ A direct response from vitalik

2/ Twitter rumoured to launch a wallet feature by Q2 of 2022

3/ Snapshot X announced Leading DAO voting system comes to L2 to become fully on-chain!

4/ @AstarNetwork goes live on polkadot mainnet!!

5/ Osmosis x Terra Bridge

6/ Near raises $150 million from prominent crypto VCs

7/ DeFi Alliance & Alliance DAO raises $50 million - a founder and investor web3 community

✨ New web3 products and features announced this week ✨

Aave comes to @argentHQ

@bonfire_tweets launches - a web-3 native home

EPNS Mainnet

Forefront social token index

Polygon EIP 1559

Plonky v2

Rabbithole meta governance

📝 Also, some interesting reads I came across 📝

This year in ethereum 2021

Compliance is a spectrum

DAO Contributors shouldn’t have to give up governance rights to pay rent

DeFi hacks don’t rob people as much as banks

KPIs & Sub-dao structure

Reflection of 2021 by uniswap founder

🧑‍💻 For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting 👩‍💻

vested erc20

foundary book

cairo starter

web3 onboarding framework

erc20 token migrator

next-auth x middleware

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