Hard things

by Shun Kakinoki · Jan 06, 2022


What necessary are hard things? (In the startup world) You might say, they are the things that involve endless hours of hard work in order to launch the startup. Another might argue it’s the psychological burden that one has to go through.

I would say at this point in time, hard things are the time in time of decisions that no matter the consequence, you would have to go through as a founder. You may not which is right, which is wrong, which will lead to a better sum, is this even good or bad for the world, etc… And even after all this is set and done, you will have only some to gain. The hard things are inherently hard because they are not hard of in itself, but because they are just as with life, hollow.

You need to push, push, push towards YOUR realization of what is the best life.

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