Eventually, all interactions made on the web will be incentivized through tokens.

by Shun Kakinoki · Dec 07, 2021


Prediction: eventually, all interactions made on the web will be incentivized through tokens.

Currently, web2 companies steal all of your time and information, in exchange for internet native assets such as followers, likes, and attention.

(Ironically, that’s what’s happening on this thread but…)

Not that this is wrong at all - it made possible for the rise of “influencers” and led for them to capture value that was then monopolized by centralized media outlets.

Creators now had a direct distribution channel to consumers. This obviously lead to billions of dollars in captured value, YouTubers and the creator economy were now a thing!

But what about the other 99% - the casual viewers & curators?

IMO, the first 1,000 subscribers for @mrbeast had at least some extent to his immense success now.

What if they had even a 0.0001% share of his upside?

That would be more empowering for the other 99%.

Everyone now can shoot a shot. We can all have a shot at gmi. Wagmi.

To put it simply, everyone can be angel investors, just through everyday online interactions online.

So what is the state of this now in 2021?

Social tokens is one possibility. A token tied to the overall value creation of a person makes sense, but it does have its shortcomings both utility and regulatory wise.

But honestly, I personally don’t know. Just like Steve Jobs probably wouldn’t have envisioned teens swiping right back in 2007, I think we would see more and more use cases that are completely unimaginable now.

The internet as we know will be as economically rewarding what we perceive as “reality”.

It is in that moment, the metaverse will be complete.

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