This Week in Web3 #008

by Shun Kakinoki · Dec 19, 2021


📆 This Week in Web3 #008 📆 🤌 Adidas NFT $23mil drop 🤌 Eth POS testnet 🤌 First NFT index fund 🤌 Gravity bridge 🤌 Polkadot parachain launch 🤌 Bitcoin devs leaving 🤌 Uniswap to polygon 🧵 Details 🧵

1/ Adidas NFT $23 mil drop

2/ Eth pos testnet

3/ First NFT index fund

4/ Gravity bridge launch - huge for the cosmos ecosystem!

5/ Polkadot parachain launch parachains are custom slots that are designed to integrate natively with the polkadot ecosystem

6/ Bitcoin core developers are leaving

7/ Uniswap is going to be live on polygon!

✨ New web3 products and features announced this week ✨

-with Ethereum EIP is merged

Shopify NFT Beta

Thirdweb launch @thirdweb_

Layer 3 contribution profiles

Eth os @EthereumPhone

etherum signin for clairty @clarityteams

Optimism whitelist is now gone

📝 Also, some interesting reads I came across 📝

Adidas NFT drop frontrrun

2022 Crypto trends

How open source is ruling the world

🧑‍💻 For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting 👩‍💻

blitz.js for web3

Core code for @thirdweb

Browse contracts on etherscan like from vscode

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