This Week in Web3 #007

by Shun Kakinoki Β· Dec 12, 2021


πŸ“† This Week in Web3 #007 πŸ“† 🀌 Crypto in congress 🀌 Polygon Zero 🀌 StarkNet Launch 🀌 Foundation Collections 🀌 Ledger Credit Card 🀌 Alchemy Ventures 🀌 Sushi Restructure Proposal 🀌 raises $8 mil 🧡 Details 🧡

1/ Crypto in congress There was a congressional hearing about crypto this week. A lot of memes, but shows that attention is blowing.

2/ Polygon acquires Mir Protocol for $400 million Polygon has acquired Miro Protocol, rebrands to Polygon Zero It has something called "recursive proofs" that is the claimed to be one of the fastest scaling solutions out there. Exciting times for the whole polygon ecosystem!

3/ StarkNet Launch StarkNet launches on mainnet, with argent providing a custom wallet. StarkNet utilizes STARKS which can be 10 times faster than SNARKS used by zksync ZK Rollups and L2s are going to catch on fire!

4/ Foundation Collections Foundation launches a new feature - bundle collections with your favorite NFTs! Just like we buy collection of items at a discounted price, bundled NFTs may become a thing.

5/ Ledger Credit Card Ledger launches a credit card service, collateral is taken for crypto in your Ledger wallets.

6/ Alchemy Ventures Alchemy, a leading infrastructure company for crypto products, announces its own venture fund. Makes sense for them having a direct channel to companies already that are on their platform. We may see more and more companies forming funds leveraging their ecosystem they have nurtured upon.

7/ Sushiswap turmoil continues Joseph, the current leader publishes a mirror post on how the troubles unfolded inside. Meanwhile, a new proposal was laid out on how to move on forward through a new structure. Just like any organization, DAOs also go through structural disputes.

8/ raises $8 mil KYC SaaS raised $8mil from Stripe

πŸ“ Also, some interesting reads I came across πŸ“

About zksync vs starkware in zk rollups

Why this bear market will not be the same

All about token network effects and their moats

Seatgeek CEO predicts all tickets will implement NFTs

Why zk rollups create a fundamental shift in the concept of gas fees

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» For developers, some web3 repos I found to be fun and interesting πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Core code of Ricochet, a real-time exchanging product.

Hardhat is having their own vscode extension!

Tenderly CLI, a tool to help track, monitor, and execute smart contracts

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