The following are the causes in which I believe in to drive me forward on the journey.

  • People
  • Country
  • World
  • People

    There are people that have bet on me. There are people that have supported me even when I was acting disrespectfully. There are people that have spent dedication, effort and time for me.

    Family, friends, and people.

    I cannot let them down. I will not let anyone down. I will pay them back with results, and results only.


    Although I recognize myself as a world citizen, I am a Japanese person.

    I am living in a time where the country as a whole is in a phase of a slow and painful decline.

    Since I was born there are hardly any companies that have a truly global presence. Younger people among the country have perhaps lost faith in the future. It is hard to accept the truth, but it is a fact.

    I will give back to my home country to products, startup, and perhaps politics.


    We do not know for a certain where we are heading towards. In a deterministic time frame, perhaps our fate is already decided upon.

    There a lot of potential blackswan scenarios that could threaten the entire species or even the planet. We might be on the verge of a tipping point, only to realize now the real harm we were inflicting upon us. We may perhaps be too late.

    However, I believe that ethics prevail in the end. I believe are still things we can do for the better in the long term. I wish to be part of the driving force that will be great for the world.

    There is still so, so, so much more to do. So much more to build. So much more to create.