Getting Started ...

by Shun Kakinoki · Oct 23, 2021


Is there a broomstick for what to start on if it's something new?

Like anything in life, starting anything seems way way scarier before you've even started it.

Just like technology, it seems like a wiser bet to bet on anything new - There is a reason that the piece of technology was born, likely because there is something lacking on the current iteration, which is always going to be the case over the course of a longer period.

So start something new seems to benefit an individual no matter how stupid, crazy, illogical it may seem, as people are always craving for something better of themselves.

Just like anything in life, it's hard going through s**t.

But it will be likely the decision that will widen your perspective. Shine light on something that you've closed your eyes towards. Something new.

I would like to be in a mindset to start something new...

(Just) Getting Started...

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