Web3 internet economy thread

by Shun Kakinoki · Oct 11, 2021


One of the most powerful principles in web3 is being able to truly take part in the world economy.

In most of the world, you're bottom line is heavily correlated to the country's economy you are in, regardless of your abilities.

For example in my home country, Japan, wages has platued for the last thirty years - mostly due to the stagnation of the economy.

In web 2, wages didn't rise other than mostly because the profits were heavily skewed in countries that owned the internet, hence the tech giants, like Silicon Valley.

Web 3 changes this. Anyone can ride the waves of web3, regardless of age, country, or religion and receive compensation in the internet's reserve currency - crypto.

In 10 years, thinking that web2 companies even dared to fragment compensation based on the location of the residence would seem silly. e.g.) Facebook

Anyone would be able to live anywhere, work anywhere, and receive fair amount of compensation from internet-native organizations - DAOs.

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