We live in the age of infinite composability

by Shun Kakinoki · Jun 02, 2022


We live in the age of infinite composability 🧵

We are now approaching web3 - a new era in which literally everything is becoming composable. No longer are we limited by the rigid structure of software and data.

Why? The fundamental nature of crypto is that everything is truthy - more transparency, less trust.

Transparency >>> trust.

Blockchains are inherently transparent, because they are composed of transparent layers (from code that is running the nodes to data on the blockchain)

Transparent layers often mean that they are composable = anyone can fork it, adjust it, modify it to their own needs.

Now what does this mean? It means that it opens up to a Cambrian explosion of a new generation of products - that are fully open towards everybody.

Anyone can permissionlessly create their own version of a [fill in here] .

And what’s more? They are all composable. The code can be infinitely leveraged to create your own tailored version of whatever you want to build.

Well, how can we tell that open protocols will win?

1. Transparency. Anyone can see what’s in it. Hence, although this is not perfectly bulletproof, the fact that anyone can see what’s in it does correlate to more truth.

2. Emergence. As a dev, I install tens of thousands of packages that were created for free will by others whom i don’t recognize on the internet. How can I trust that those packages do not contain malware? It’s because anyone can see what’s in it.

As web3 expands over the internet, a lot of protocols and products will increasingly become and stay composable.

Open source will prevail.

Now, as software ate into every sector of the world, it too will do the same to modern applications and software.

To put it simply, web3 is open source supercharged. ⚡

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