My life mission is to

Obliterate the galaxy

I want to create something that is so great at a large scale that it's going to send shockwaves through space, infinity and beyond.

This will come delivered through products (some through startups).


Having growing up in Cupertino City, where the HQ of Apple is located at, I literally witnessed before my very eyes how a great product could change everything.

As an avid believer of Optimistic Nihilism,

I heavily emphasize the importance of what to pursue during my short time on this planet.

Essentially everything may be meaningless, but shockwaves are engraved in people's hearts forever

Make the most of the one life I got. Build something great. I could be the driving force of a product that is so great it's going to change everything, that itself is so f**king cool.

That would mean the world to me.

I am going to pursue this for my whole life, as I believe it is my mission to do so.