1. Greatness
  2. Tranquility
  3. Love


I value in pursing to achieve greatness through doing great work.

Greatness is what will obliterate the galaxy. Greatness is what will inspire others to take further action. Greatness is what will give me the most joy and freedom throughout my life.

This will mean I will wear the burden of doing hard things. There may times that it may be tough, but it will only serve as a testament towards my greater goal. I believe it is important for me to strive for this, and I was born for it.

I will continue to do what I consider is to be great.


I value in peace from mind and mental clearness.

Tranquility is what will realize happiness from within. Tranquility is what will enable me to make wise decisions. Tranquility is what will push me to continue to take action.

The mind will only serve as a tool for excersing decisions, not my master. Emotions will serve to me only as short bursts of energy, and will not be my servant. Physical health will leverage the potential of the state of tranquility.

I will strive towards being calm, peaceful & wise.


I will continue to give, give & give towards people and the world.

Love is what will bind me to be ethical. Love is what will drive me forward when things are tough. Love is what will forever be a reminder that I only exist interwined under the web of love.

I believe it doesn't have to be mutual, and that it can serve to be one-way. I am already interwinded under infinite webs of love among people. It is necessary to give back through love, and love only.

I will not expect nor hope for anything in return of giving love.